pool designers

designers of spectacular integrated urban pools

The consideration of water as a space rather than a volume allows the unshackling from traditional pool layouts and allows customisation of the structure tailored to individual requirements.

Through design we can make them more compact whilst also maximising their functional and aesthetic features. If well designed, a swimming pool can provide returns of up to 400% on your investment.

The squeeze of the great Aussie Backyard has seen a reinterpretation of the backyard pool. Space is a premium but there has not been a decline in the desire for a refreshing summer dip in the backyard swimming pool.

We have successfully completed a number of projects with ecodesign and we’ve enjoyed everyone of them. From inception of the project through to handover, ecodesign display the highest level of professionalism and service.

Their vision and design is exemplary and this together with a thorough understanding of Australian standards, construction practices and capabilities, result in a successful project every time.

They go to great lengths to achieve a clear understanding of the constraints and opportunities associated with each unique site and this is reflected in their designs.

As a pool designer and builder, we applaud their commitment to achieving a wholesome and functional design and landscape. The designs are both well integrated and practical. The associated design documentation is both thorough and concise and makes building easy.Mirco Lepagier – Senator Pools

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