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We see landscape design as being integral to harmonious living. A beautiful garden affects how you relate with your family and friends. Landscapes need not only be functional, with good design they can be beautiful and productive too.

We strive to create a seamless transition from architecture to the landscape. Engaging with a landscape architect in an investment in your living environment and will reward you with increased property value.

We listen to your needs, observe the sites potential and design personalised bespoke landscapes. Our design process is client focused and holistic, tailored to increase your property’s value and the quality your life.

We chose ecodesign for their ability to advise and plan not just the landscape aspects, but also because they had an eye for how to make the living areas inside and outside the house flow together seamlessly to create an environment for plants, furniture, water features, and off course family and friends.

Sarv and Shashi Girn


Unit 61, 5 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154


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