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The consideration of water as a space rather than a volume allows the unshackling from traditional pool layouts and allows customisation of the structure tailored to individual requirements.

Through design we can make pools more compact, more functional but most importantly more beautiful. If well designed, a swimming pool can provide significant returns on your investment.

The squeeze of the great Aussie Backyard has seen a reinterpretation of the backyard pool. Space is a premium but there has not been a decline in the desire for a refreshing summer dip in the backyard swimming pool.

ecodesign has designed many award winning swimming pools which have been constructed by various Sydney Pool Builders.

We have a long standing relationship with the team at ecodesign. At Metricon we have a display home program that is constantly changing and being updated. Our landscapes need to enhance the spacious feel of our homes and we need to implement fresh – cutting edge – concepts and features within our gardens. ecodesign deliver this for us on a regular basis.Scott Coghlan – Metricon Homes Landscape Manager


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