garden designers

designers of beautiful award winning gardens 

We use the landscape as a canvas combining form, colours, lines, textures and tones in hard and soft elements creating harmonious outdoor living environments that can be enjoyed for generations.

We select, compose and arrange species of trees, shrubs, grasses, vines, bulbs, succulents and groundcovers to suit the site soils and varied microclimates.

Core principles of our plant design methodology include seasonal interest, specifying the right plant for the right place, water use zoning and the selection of natural form, colour of flower and texture of the foliage.

In 2007 Adrian designed our front garden. We found him attentive to what our requirements were and we were very happy with his design which incorporated both flair and functionality. The garden has thrived in the last few years and we remain very satisfied with the overall result. We have appreciated Adrian’s ongoing interest in our garden..

In 2011 when we wanted to do a complete backyard renovation, including removal of our pool, we did not hesitate to invite Adrian back. Again, he came up with an elegant and stunning design which exactly suited our needs..

ecodesign came up to our expectations in every way. Brenda and Charles Minto

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