expert vegetation management consultants

Increasingly urban trees and vegetation are being recognised as Green Infrastructure. Trees provide value to cities beyond shade and beauty such as reduced crime rates and increased property values.

Green infrastructure is known to assist in reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect, improve air quality and reduce peak stormwater flows by intercepting and absorbing rain, all of which have direct and indirect economic benefits.

Our team of Landscape Architects, Designers, Horticulturists, Bush Regenerators Permaculturists, Horticuturists and Arboriculturists work to integrate external natural systems, people and architecture to create harmonious living environments that can be enjoyed for generations.

Keen is the axe, the rushing fire streams bright,
Clear, beautiful and fierce it speeds for man,
The Master, set to change and stern to smile,
Bronzed pioneer of nations. Ay, but scan
The ruined beauty wasted in a night.
The blackened wonder God alone could plan,
And build not twice! A bitter price to pay
Is this for progress – beauty swept away.
The Passing of the Forest – W P Reeves

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