landscape furniture

bespoke landscape furniture design

We specialise in tailoring landscape furniture that is integrated into landscape structures. Our detailing results in the creation of bespoke landscape features.

We allow form to follow function in the creation of individual pieces designed to meet our clients’ needs and then nestle them seamlessly into the landscape.

Designed for living and crafted for comfort, our day beds, reclining lounges, sitting benches and dining tables are what gives our outdoor living environments the edge.

We have a long standing relationship with the team at ecodesign. At Metricon we have a display home program that is constantly changing and being updated. Our landscapes need to enhance the spacious feel of our homes and we need to implement fresh – cutting edge – concepts and features within our gardens. ecodesign deliver this for us on a regular basis. Scott Coghlan – Metricon Homes Landscape Manager

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