landscape features

breathtaking landscape feature detailing

The perfect anchor to a designer landscape is an integrated feature element. It could be a simple focal point drawing your eye or a more structural statement like a water feature or feature screen.

A landscape feature element that gives an effortless feel to a space it invites you to dwell, it might pull your heart strings or makes your pulse roar. It is a feeling of stability and sense of establishment without seeming contrived or that it cost you a second mortgage.

The feature may be driven by function such as a privacy screen or drystone retaining wall or maybe for a more naturalistic feeling a feature tree, a water feature or rock placement.

Working with ecodesign has been a great experience and their innovative input to our jobs has been very rewarding for our clients. Their eye for detail and knowledge of the industry is a credit. A great team to deal with!  Colin Procter – Charleston Homes Sales Manager

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