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Planning a new landscape can be a complex operation, especially if you are doing it in conjunction with the construction of a new home or major renovation work

Ecodesign Pty Ltd is a successful award-winning landscape design practice that offers a cohesive, practical approach to creating a versatile outdoor space. Established in 2003 and winner of the 2010 AILDM* Award for Landscape Management, ecodesign can guide you through the complete planning and
compliance process.

The range of ecodesign services includes providing landscape plans, design and arborist reports as part of the Development Application approval process, as well as cost estimates for client bank loans.

According to ecodesign director Adrian Swain, landscape construction is a long-term investment for your living environment. “As well as increasing your enjoyment, a well- designed landscape can increase the functionality of your space and, in time, your investment will pay off by increasing
your real estate value.”

When planning a new garden, half the challenge is working out where to start. A landscape designer can provide a visual and conceptual idea of the new landscape before the construction work has even started. He or she also has the expertise to integrate your house with your pool, gardens, pergola, driveway and other features such as drainage, irrigation, rainwater tanks, aspect and utility services.

“What you are looking to achieve is the seamless integration of the indoor and outdoor living areas,” said Adrian. There are many reasons why you will benefit from the advice of a landscape professional. Things like the layout of your landscape can help or hinder access and movement around your home, and plants needing more maintenance than you can supply, could become untidy.

The ecodesign team is also able to identify which projects may require a contour survey by a registered surveyor, the services of a structural or hydraulic engineer for elements such as retaining walls and/or an arborist to assess the condition of existing trees.

Some of the things you need to consider before starting the process are the style of garden you want, the functional requirements and how much you want to spend. “The more detail you can give, the closer the end result will be to what you envisage,” said Adrian.

The time to engage a landscape professional is as early as possible in the planning process. This means at the same time as the architect for renovations, before you get quotes from a builder or pool builder, or before demolition or structural work.

“At ecodesign we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, whether the project is a large acreage or a single residential renovation. Our client focus ensures the highest level of service,” said Adrian.

“With all our projects we sit with the client and ensure that we address all their outdoor needs and that the landscaping plan complies with all the regulatory requirements for all elements of the design.”

The ecodesign mission is to integrate external natural environments, people and architecture and to provide harmonious living spaces that can be enjoyed for generations.

* AILDM – Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers

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