family oasis

The brief for this pool came after visiting Bali and seeing all the green stone tiled pools. Our clients wanted to revisit that feeling of the tropical Bali Villa, etched with modern design features for the family to enjoy such as a slide and wet deck.

The Lap pool features an infloor cleaning system, automatic pool cover, polished concrete concourse, 16 jet spa. The fully tiled Sukabumi stone interior has an Ocean Wave stone waterline tile and detailing to the top of the spa wall.

The pool is surrounded by plantings such as the Giant Taro, Native Ginger, Cardomon, Teucrium, Heleconias, Blue ginger, Dichondra, Myoporums, Casurarina ‘Cousin it’, Franjipannis, Gymea Lily, Crinum Lily, Spider Lily, Teucrium & Agave.


Unit 61, 5 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154


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